RIAGC Safety Committee

Everybody knows safety is a big deal! RIAGC has an active safety committee of industry professionals who are full-time safety directors or are additionally responsible for their employer’s safety program. The outreach representative from the local OSHA office also is a member of the committee. This group of practitioners meets monthly – usually on the third Thursday of the month – for shoptalk and the latest from OSHA. In addition to providing informal networking support for the safety professionals of member companies, the RIAGC safety committee sponsors safety roundtables and other events. The safety committee’s OSHA 500 instructors annually present the OSHA 10-hour training course to students in the construction management program at Roger Williams University. The RIAGC safety committee also administers the Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) program. CHASE is a voluntary program for construction companies willing to raise their jobsite safety bar above current federal regulations. The RIAGC launched the first CHASE program in New England in September 2002. The chapter’s program is a three-way partnership among RIAGC, The Rhode Island Building Trades Council and the local OSHA office.

Safety Committee Members

Carl Angus
E.W. Burman, Inc.
(401) 738-5400 – Office

Dennis Mullen 
Gilbane Building Company
(401) 456-5800 – Office

Rick Devine
Stronghold Group
(401) 230-272

Bruce Iannuccillo
RP Iannuccillo & Sons
(401) 351-8877

Kody Kienia
Century Drywall, Inc
(401) 333-2140 – Office

Ray Coia
New England Laborers Health & Safety
(401) 621-5355

Shaun Carvalho
Shawmut Design & Construction
(617) 622-7422

Scott Bulger
J.L. Marshall & Sons, Inc.
(508) 399-8910

Cheri Walton
Risk & Safety Management
(401) 884-0430

Barry Manfredi
Cardi Corporation
(401) 739-8300

Peter Robbins
D’Ambra Construction
(401) 737-1300

Gary Garafano
New England Laborers Health & Safety
(401) 621-5355

John Caprio
New England Laborers Health & Safety
(401) 621-5355

Ron Parrillo
SITECON Corporation
(401) 944-2335