As an active member of the RIAGC, you can earn the recognition of your peers, customers and potential customers. The RIAGC markets itself and members to construction users through a communications program that includes advertising, news stories and special events, such as our Build Rhode Island awards program. In addition, this Web site provides an opportunity for construction users to link to your Web site or profile. You can network with us – locally, regionally and nationally – at our annual meetings and outings as well as occasional seminars or workshops. The early and mid-career professionals of your company also may want to network with their peers through the RIAGC-sponsored Young Constructors Forum (YCF). Participate with our committees in their activities (safety, legislative, labor relations, workforce development/education) to help improve the industry and encourage skill, responsibility and integrity (the RIAGC motto) among employees. For example, your company safety director can network with peers to keep up to date on best practices and the latest OSHA regulations and interpretations, attend our safety roundtables and involve your company in our voluntary The Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) program. You also can turn to our chapter office to help you access AGC of America’s professional staffers in the national office for the latest on issues like mold and storm water runoff, or for help on other concerns. Fill out our online application or call us. We’ll be glad to meet with you to discuss how membership can benefit your company.